Demonic Consumption Deep Dive

World of Warcraft Demonology Warlocks – How to track Demonic Consumption’s effects in a WarcraftLogs parse

Sorry team, I’m back with another post about World of Warcraft. Somehow my friends still haven’t quit en masse yet, so I’ve been grindin’ away at it.

If you need general info about how to play any Warlock spec, I recommend heading over to the streamer Kalamazi’s website. He has solid written and video guides available that get right to the point without a lot of fluff or nonsense.

Once you have the basics down, you’re probably going to want a way to practice the Demonic Consumption setup and check how you’re doing. Unfortunately, right now there isn’t a great way to do this in-game directly. The main issue is that the combat log events for tracking Demonic Consumption don’t trigger in a friendly area of the game, which is where all the target dummies are. Your best bet is probably just to wing it, maybe record your gameplay with OBS or something and look at the Implosion icon as of the time your demonic tyrant popped out to see how many imps you had. (I don’t recommend making a habit of staring down at random icons on your screen in the middle of a serious boss battle though..)

If you’re using WarcraftLogs, there’s a very easy and useful way to track Demonic Consumption after the fact. This info comes from Malacath the pro WoW theorycrafter*. Here I’ll walk you through the process via a series of half-assed MS-Painted screenshots

Step 0: Find a parse on WarcraftLogs you want to analyze, either your own or a high-ranking one.
Step 1: Select “Enemies” under the “Sources” heading
Step 2-4: Filter by “Demonic Consumption” damage
Step 5: Select the player whose Demonic Consumption setup you want to measure
Step 6: Highlight a tyrant to examine in detail by dragging your mouse on the timeline, this will narrow your view to a small range
Done! You can see that he squeezed 11 Wild Imps, 3 Dreadstalkers, a Felguard, a Grimoire: Felguard, and a Malicious Imp into this tyrant
Bonus: You can see the casts that led to this setup by fiddling with the settings
Quick WarcraftLogs analysis tip: You can go back to the full fight view by clicking “Reset Zoom” in the top middle of the window

As you can see here, the key to a good tyrant setup is to plan ahead so that you have 3+ stacks of the Demonic Core buff and ~15 uninterrupted seconds to cast. Then just precisely follow the procedure on Kalamazi’s guide (or copy any top WarcraftLogs parse) and you’ll be good to go.

(One more shout out to Malacath for his work figuring this out. I can testify that I personally tried to find this info myself on WarcraftLogs, and failed miserably. I thought I’d have to parse the combat log on my own to do it, so I ended up cobbling together a script to do it in-game in real time)

* “Theorycraft” is what gamers call it when they meticulously and scientifically pick apart game mechanics to maximize their game performance, particularly in World of Warcraft.

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