Scrap Mechanic Rocks!

I’ve been SUPER hooked on Scrap Mechanic over the last few weeks. It’s a really fun physics simulator / survival game on the PC. You build your own car from game-appropriately simplified raw materials (driver’s seat, engine, wheels, plus metal/wood blocks and bearings), then drive around avoiding killer robots and building ever-more-impressive bases and vehicles.

FYI: This did NOT work very well.
My current beefy but half-assed mining rig. It grinds up enemies and rock nodes alike in seconds!

The game is really a ton of fun, I highly recommend trying it out. Or at least watching some videos of someone else trying it out, haha.

It’s not as polished as Minecraft, and you don’t have quite as much control over the game world, but you can make some REALLY cool automated bases and vehicles. For example, I built an automated farm at the top of a plateau along with a working elevator to carry me to the top, you can see a quick preview of it here:

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